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Woods Glass specialize in providing glass and glazing systems, working in conjunction with our parent company Thermosash Commercial Limited, we provide an impressive range of glazing façade and structural glass systems. We are leaders in commercial contract glazing and work with a range of national and international suppliers to provide leading edge glass and glazing technology and façade systems.

TotalVision | Frameless Glass Facades

TotalVision is a highly engineered frameless glass facade. This total vision system utilises structural glass fins and fittings like stainless steel spider fittings in order to offer unencumbered views and a stunning aesthetic.

Structural silicone joints are used to join the panes and glass fins. These joints are generally black as clear silicone has a tendency to look yellow and dirty over time.

An extremely flexible design, these systems are always bespoke and usually complex. Woods Glass offer the service from consultation through to installation.

There are nearly limitless possibilities in glass selection depending on the performance requirements. Using in combination with Ultravis, EnduraLam enables even further transparancy, and Infinit E allows for increased solar control.

Data Sheet for TotalVision


Zeus | C5 Rated Balustrades

Zeus is a Woods Glass Balustrade system designed to be installed in areas that are susceptible to overcrowding. Zeus is a C5 rated balustrade system that utilises a plate clamping fixing system. Zeus uses heavy duty laminated safety glass and rigid fixings offering a very low flex and solid balustrade.

The Zeus system uses minimal framing allowing for seamless and unrestricted views. It can be used in conjunction with a variety of Woods Glass products such as PrivaPane, Keramo and UltraVis to create the desired aesthetic. Zeus is even available in curved glass to create a clean and dramatic balustrade system.

All Woods Balustrade systems are extensively tested and standard drawings are available upon request.

Data Sheet For Zeus

Artemis | Post and Disc Balustrades

Artemis is a Woods Glass Balustrade range designed to be installed anywhere from residential areas to commercial areas.

Artemis HD is the heavy duty balustrade that can be installed in areas susceptible to overcrowding as it is C5 rated. Artemis HD uses a solid steel frame to secure the glass in place

Artemis Disc uses a disc clamping system and Artemis Post uses a post clamping system.

Both Disc and Post are C3/D rated, meaning they can be used in commercial areas not susceptible to heavy crowding. Artemis uses laminated safety glass according to NZS 4223.3:2016.

The Artemis system uses aesthetic framing allowing for a mixture of strength and design. It can be used in conjunction with a variety of Woods Glass products such as PrivaPane, Keramo and UltraVis to create the desired aesthetic. Artemis is even available in conjunction with our curved glass balustrade system to create a clean and dramatic balustrade system.

All Woods Balustrade systems are extensively tested and standard drawings are available upon request.

Data Sheet for Artemis

Curva | Curved Balustrades

Curva is a woods glass designed and engineered curved balustrade system. Utilising Woods Glass designed grouting system in conjunction with curved safety glass, the outcome is a stunning feature for commercial malls, residences and offices.

Curva can be C5/ C3 and D rated so can be used in areas where heavy crowding is an issue.

It can be used in conjunction with a variety of Woods Glass products such as PrivaPane, Keramo and UltraVis to create the desired aesthetic. Curva can also be used in conjunction with our other balustrade systems like Zeus and Apollo.

All Woods Balustrade systems are extensively tested and standard drawings are available upon request.

Data Sheet for Curva

SkyLign Alpha | Skylights

 SkyLign is a Woods Glass designed glazing system that incorporates a range of high performance glass options (Keramo, ThermalPlus, Infinit E) along with Thermosash's Alpha Glazing System to provide a sophisticated glazing solution for both skylights and canopies.

Many architectural buildings require light into central spaces via rooflights and skylights - these spaces also require insulation. However, this can cause over-heating and glare issues if the correct glazing system isn't utilised.

These panes must also support high wind loads and live loads for maintenance, so the glass design is critical – Engineered performance glass rooflights are a must.

Woods Glass specialise in the design and glazing of engineered rooflights on commercial buildings.

Data Sheet for Skylign Alpha

SkyLign Edge | Canopies

 SkyLign Edge is a Woods Glass designed glazing system that can be used in conjunction with a range of high performance safety glass with and without ceramic printed glass (Keramo) to provide a high performance glazing solution for canopies.

This design style of overhead glazing generally employs spider fittings or engineered fittings that fix back to a primary structure. The engineered fittings require a drilled hole in specific engineered laminated toughened glass that suspends the glass locally at each fixing point.

The glass panes are generally clear silicone butt jointed to provide the appearance of a monolithic sheet of glass. Due to potential exposure to high wind, seismic, snow and live loads etc, it is necessary for these types of systems to be specifically designed.

Data Sheet for SkyLign Edge

Twin Pane | Acoustic Glass System

TwinPane is the combination of two panes of glass separated by an air gap, also known as secondary glazing. There are many benefits to using TwinPane such as improved acoustic dampening, reduced heat loss due to the air gap and increased energy efficiency.

TwinPane is designed for use in office spaces where noise control is a very high priority. A meeting room where sensitive information is discussed is an example of where TwinPane can be used.

An airgap of 100-200mm is commonly used for TwinPane, anything larger may become an inefficient and expensive use of floor area.

TwinPane can be used in conjunction with SoundPane for even greater noise control.

Data Sheet for TwinPane

InfinityLift | Frameless Glass Lift

InfinityLifts are a Woods Glass specialty. Because we engineer bespoke designs, they can be tailored to fit any architectural requirements and meet all the required safety standards.

Curved, tinted and shaped glass can all be used to create a highly unique solution with minimal framing, allowing for unhindered views of city panoramics or nature.

The InfintyLift is ideal for large shopping malls, airports and multi story residential buildings. Woods Glass have created some of the largest and most impressive glass lift shafts in New Zealand - size and complexity are our specialty.

Data Sheet for InfinityLift

Nero | Frameless Glass Showers

 Nero is a system of frameless glass showers that are able to be custom designed to create a stunning aesthetic. Woods Glass take care of the whole process from design to engineering to install.

Nero showers are custom built using toughened safety glass with special hinges, channels and brackets to ensure all the safety standards are met.

In recent times low iron glass is used for clarity and Revita self cleaning glass to keep the glass clean. Special effects are possible with Keramo ceramic fritted glass, tinted glass and our range of Obscure glass.

Data Sheet for Nero

EnduraStack | Stacking Doors

 The most impressive way to open a wall is to use folding and stacking door systems that slide and fold or stack out of the way into a parking bay. In special cases they can even be automatic.

A range of systems are available depending on the size and design, and typically toughened safety glass is used in 10, 12, 15 to 19 mm thickness. It is important to understand that they are still frameless doors and are not weather tight, even though seals can be fitted to the vertical edges and top and bottom rails.

Data Sheet for EnduraStack

Auto Doors

 The incorporation of automated sliding doors into façades, entryways or for internal security is an effective way of providing a glazed, hygienic, automated entry. Whether activated by sensor or card access, these doors are a reliable solution.

Woods Glass procure high quality and reliable equipment and work closely with our suppliers to ensure the right solution is delivered, including emergency exit requirements and integration with other activation equipment. Integrating the structural solution into the curtainwall is a possibility, thus minimising the need for additional structure.

Data Sheet for Auto Doors

Floor & Treads

Glass used in floors or pavers have long traditions for allowing light into the level below. Modern flat glass laminating processes allow thick multi-laminated glass to be used for floors and treads and even complete structural glass stairs as seen in Apple Stores worldwide.

Glass floors can have high uniform and concentrated loads applied from AS/NZS 1170 to comply with the building code so it important to determine this for the design process. To support the floors the frames are often steel and special glazing techniques are used to locate and seal the glass. In some cases slip resistance is required and this is usually done in combination with printed ceramic fritted glass. New laminating techniques such as the EVA process allow a range of decorative inserts for special effects.

Frameless Doors

Toughened glass doors have a long history and a range of available fittings and closers which have evolved for these “frameless doors”, as they are known. However they are not always frameless as they often contain door rails and can have edge sections as seals.

Typical Pivot types are;

  • Type A doors – Rails top and bottom
  • Type B doors – Patch fittings top and rail on bottom
  • Type C doors – Patch fittings top and bottom

Frameless doors can also use a range of hinges and modern versions are hydraulic and operate as closer so floor springs are not require. In addition pole support systems and fittings can be used as well as bar supported sliding systems.  – If you have an opening we can close it with glass.

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